In addition to A None’s Story, my first book that is now available in hardback, here are links to a small selection of other pieces I’ve written.

The essay that kicked off this blog originally appeared in the Los Angeles Times. Click here to read it.

These next few are some of my favorite audio pieces (all under 4 minutes) I recorded for Norhtwest Public Radio:

  • Click here to listen to my ode to sneaking candy as a kid.
  • Click here to hear about the time I pet a squirrel, which did not go well.
  • Click here for my musings on living with regret.

Here are some of my favorite “vintage” essays:

“A Franchise on the Mundane: At the D.C. International Franchise Expo, you can buy tomorrow’s minimall today.” This essay, about my visit to a convention dedicated to buying and selling franchise ideas, originally appeared in the Washington City Paper. Click here to read it.

“Scream, Memory.” This essay is about my time on the film set of the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre (my dad was the sound man). It originally appeared in the Texas Observer. Click here to read it.

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