There are several options for ordering and purchasing A None’s Story.

Do you want a signed and/or personalized copy? If so, (and you can’t come to one of my readings in a bookstore near you), you can order it online from my local bookstore, which has set up a webpage: click here. When the book comes in, I’ll spend some time personalizing it before it is mailed to you.

Otherwise, march into your favorite bookstore and, if you don’t see it on the shelf (either in the memoir or religion sections), tell them to order it for you. They’ll be happy to get it and call you when it comes in.

To order it online directly from Columbia University Press, click here.

The book is also available on Amazon.

If you are buying on behalf of a bookstore, I am told that ordering directly from Perseus or PGW (as opposed to Ingram) provides the best “margin” available. You may also want to order directly from Columbia University Press.

If you have any questions, trouble, or suggestions, leave a comment here or email me at I’m happy to point you in the right direction or help in any way I can.