Hi, and welcome to my blog. My name is Corinna Nicolaou and I currently live in the Pacific Northwest. My writing has appeared in the Washington Post and Narrative Magazine among other publications. I also write and voice commentaries that air during All Things Considered in my region. I’ll provide links to some of my pieces here if you’re interested.

The One None Gets Some project is very dear to my heart and I wanted to share.

Very briefly: I was born in Austin, Texas to two college students who broke up not long after I was born. I lived with my mom for several years in Austin and Dallas. At age 13, I moved to Los Angeles to live with my dad. I went to college in California, grad school in Austin, and then Washington, D.C. for work and more school before relocating to the Northwest. With this last move, the pace of my daily life slowed dramatically and this, in part, led me to the topic of spirituality and religion.

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  1. I read your article in the Friday Dec 28th LA Times, I enjoyed your thinking. Having been born raised Catholic, leaving that church later in life (60ish) i went to Baptist became an ordanied Deacon, left there now going through a series of bible based churches, now back at Catholic, probably cause its less than a block away and i can go Saturday evening and not miss football on Sundays……………..2 things I believe for sure, there is a God and Jesus Christ died on the cross for my salvavtion…………….

    • Hi Frank. I’ve listened to several of Krista Tippet’s shows…very enlightening. She has great facility for making a lot of different things accessible.
      Corinna, have you listened to his program?

  2. It seems we now have a new messiah among the young people. The big zero, oops an O not a 0. And it is ffitting that he is teaching govt is divine, govt is all powerrful, govt is providential but that he does not have to obey the law. But wait a minute, that is how worldly kings and dictators act as well. The pollsters are probably correct. Govt has wormed itself into the psychic of the young because it, the people operating it, have a lot of money and freeely use it to propagandize the rest of us. It is amazing the pols always tell us they are going to solve the problems of every minority but then when the chips are down, like in the cliff episode, they just kick the can down the road since they are political animals and want to keep their jobs and get re-elected for ever if they don’t die first.

    Corrrina says she grew up with minimum religious training. I grew up opposite, with minimum govt is wondetful and will provide for all according to their needs, so much like communism one is unable to see any diffrrence. Also why do you suppose our founding fathers split up the awesome temporal power of govt into 3 separate but equal branches? IMO because they had years of experience of dealing with concentrated, thus unresponsive, power in a king or queen. We are too close for comfort to havng concentrated power in PC DC where they tax us and then use the money to buy votes.

    But any and all govts are not all powerful but any of them can take away your freedom and legally end your life. And US laws only apply to the US while the10 Commandments apply to you and me no matter where we are? e.g.- getting a passport is not a license to steal, etc. if you are in Argentina or other foreign country. And we all hope that everyone obeys and Trusts in God and does not steal or murder us for some Nike shoes. All you learn from govt is what is legal, not what is moral, or decent, or honorable. Personally I suspect O got in office dishonorably over his BC, thus is not trustworthy. He is not believable!

    • They only have the power you give them. I used to complain about the place I worked allot when a person told me to look around. Where are your problems. If they are not in front of you now they are only in your head. Don’t give them the power over you by complaining about them. It is a choice. It may take time to detox but is well worth it.
      Good Luck.

  3. Terry gives you a pretty good idea of where the so called evangelical Christians want to take their religion; right into the heart of our Democracy with ignorance, an immature approach to patriotism and an attitude that the majority of Americans don’t know how to vote for a President. Instead of adopting the attitude of the quiet sacredness of mainline Protestantism or Catholicism who mostly mind their own business in the affairs of their personal way of worship they betray Christ in favor of politics. If Christianity is failing in numbers as Corrina says the research shows, they have brought it on themselves. Look on the internet and read anything by Episcopal Bishop John Shelby Spong and you will find out why the numbers are decreasing.

  4. Frank. You are way off base in your interpretation. I am a conservative Catholic, not an evangelical christian. I even believe in Purgatory to illustrate how conservative and accept the pope as the temporal head of the church. Apparently the majority vote differently than I do, but that does not make me ignorant or immature, just because you think I am. I assume you are a liberal since you are using the SOP of liberals by making personal attacks. Liberals, progressives, IMO, have no issues, just personal attacks when someone does not agree with their thinking. But Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

  5. Well, as I said in an earlier post, same dance, different dress. I apologize if you saw it as a personal attack. I was using your comments as a comment on my perception of the broader base of Christian conservative thinkers. You’re right, I probably don’t have any real issues. They seem to be more polarizing than helpful. I would prefer to see people spend more time looking for places of agreement. We are all unique and each of us have personal opinions that we need not give up but hopefully there can be room for negotiation when necessary, I am grateful for the diversity and energy of the American people to create change and somehow pull things back from the extremes. Our history bears testimony to our ability to survive through some extraordinarily difficult times. Sending blessings your way with hopes for a happy new year.

  6. Love your topic! I grew up Presbyterian and attended the Youth Group through High School. The people were less Ego and more caring. I grew up with agnostic parents who chose a church to raise us within only so we were not left in the “none” category like you. I was searching for unanswered questions. My parents did not model inner spiritual beliefs. In college I took a course, “Religion in America” and became a little more confused and disillusioned. I had read the entire new testament and found Jesus talked of an inner teaching that would come out at the end of the age. I read “The Aquarian Conspiracy”, a new age book. I began asking what is the “end of the age”? In some of the world’s religions it can be found a reference to the ages like the Pisces symbol on the back of Christians’ cars.

    Then I found a book, “The Lost Teachings of Jesus” that required acceptance of the inner paths of the world’s religions. I was home! I found what I was seeking for as that teaching that Jesus promised would come out at the end of age (of Pisces). I had found an integration of the major world’s religions.

    I applied the teachings and found a major change in my experience of reality. What some Christians describe as the rushing winds of the Holy Spirit descended. But it was a pre-cursor to the gifts– a re-connection to spirit as a thread of contact to the spiritual realms enabling me to understand in a way that I could not find in traditional christian churches. Kind of like described in Benny Hinn’s book, “Good Morning, Holy Spirit”. But without dogma. My reality includes Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva (the Hindu equivalent of Father, Son and Holy Spirit).

    My journey was to find a path. I found it on my own. Made it my own. Nobody preached me into acceptance. In fact, like a gay person goes against society to claim their own preference– I went against traditional religion to claim my own.

    When I speak in public about my path I often tell people: “if this path does not spark your interest, go in peace. Find your own path. If it rings to you as your path, don’t let the world drown out your inner voice!” Read more at


    • Sally, do yourself a very large favor, follow God’s every word. Start with the first five books of the Bible, then read the Prophets, and you will see how it all points to Jesus.

  7. Sally. Indeed a very interesting topic. The tension and worse between church and state has been going on since the Garden I suppose since God was possibly both church and state and issued a rule of the church for the state, the garden? A&E were exiled from the state. Islam does not have this tenson because mosque and state are joined at the hip so instead the citizens there lose freedom. Non believers that live in islam pay special taxes to live in islam.

    While they were exiled from the state, which possibly was the start of separation of church and state?, He did not abandon people spiritually and sent prophets to guide them and finally the real Messiah. Since the Messiah there has been the Church as Christ in time/history. Members not always Christ like I might add. But always has had forgiveness available. But the state has all the temporal power except for excommunication or firing like in corrporations, etc.. One even has to go through the state to disown a child, but your children will always be your children.

    • Terry, you have a wonderful imagination but fall short on facts. Christ is not the last name of Jesus, it is a Greek word meaning “Anoint.” Messiah is Aramaic and means the same thing as does the Hebrew word Mashia, and all used in conjunction with Jesus being chosen by God to fulfill a promise God made to Moses.

  8. I find the topic intriguing and mind opening; I intend to continue reading and exploring the thoughts expressed. Thank you for this website and for introducing me to the topic/debate.

  9. Corinna, I love your writing. Also really appreciate the openness, sensitivity and intelligence with which you are approaching this journey you’ve undertaken. I’m older than you, and took my own version of this journey several decades ago. Your description of the starting place, “But the further down I got… what I hoped would be a complete and pristine vessel was a jagged little edge, curved just so and sitting in the earth so that it only appeared to be whole. Once I had stripped away everything, I felt truly unnerved,” flew me back 40 years and gave me the perfect words for describing my own starting place — which I have been unable to fully articulate myself all these years! Thank you. Simply based on my own experience, and the experience of so many friends and loved ones, I am confident you will find what what you seek. He is not far from you. “Be not afraid.” Blessings.

    • Thank you for the very kind feedback. I appreciate it tremendously. Also, it’s so good to know others have felt and been through the same things. Thank you for sharing. I hope you stick around for this journey I am on.

    • I certainly agree that it is a better part of wisdom to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. I also have read these following words spoken by Jesus and quoted in John 16:7, “Nevertheless I tell you the truth; It is expedient for you that I go away: for if I go not away, the Comforter will not come unto you; but if I depart, I will send him unto you.”

      I believe that Jesus had the word “Christ” added to his name because he was anointed. He had become one with the Comforter (our source of infinite wisdom). He said he came to show us the way. His disciples (minus the one who betrayed him) showed us the same path we are to take.

      I believe that it may not be possible for one to understand even what is plainly written in the bible without at least a small morsel of wisdom (or relationship with the Comforter)– even as small as the grain of a mustard seed.

      The most important clue to our own path goes back to Jesus’ Gnostic (or inner) teaching he gave to his disciples. He described his inner teachings as the “meat of the word” given to his disciples. And those of the masses received his teaching in parables because they were not ready.

      I believe one can understand a little more of who Jesus is when we read Paramahansa Yoganada’s book “Autobiography of a Yogi”. Yoganada founded Self Realization Fellowship and has had millions of followers in American. As a Hindu, he showed how Jesus’ Teachings parallels for West, wisdom of the ancient Hindu Scriptures. In India a disciple would be called Chela. And Guru and Chela become one as the student becomes the teacher (eats of his body and blood). Even Jesus was baptised by his guru, John– who was referred to in the bible as Elijah come again (reincarnated).

      I believe our own personal teacher (the Comforter) can be represented by Jesus. Jesus had become one with his teacher (the Comforter). And the Comforter is our source of infinite wisdom. As we become one with Jesus, we become one with the Comforter, his teacher. And of course, his teacher is God. In Psalms 82:6 it is written, “I have said, Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High.” Thus, we become one with God, we Ascend as Jesus showed us the way!

  10. God is not the only active force in the world. There are also govt, money (the economy) and the devil. Neither govt or money are created entities. Nor is religion.

    • If there is a choice, you might want to worry more about God than government, and religion, all 38,000 of them, was created by man, not God,

  11. Other “nones”: A news reporter on CNN spoke of the twenty new female Senators and said that in a questionnaire they were given asking for their religious affiliation they all said, “none”.

  12. Other names for nones include pagans and heathens. Based on the OT women have lowered themselves now. In the Garden Eve wanted to be like God and felt like He was holding something back from her. Now they want to be equal to man and as a man it is hard for me to think that is an improvement of their status, being a woman. If they want to be equal to man out of jealosy, likely that is misplaced jealosy. Gosh, the world surely is big enough to have both women and men, each with their own essential nature? Personally I would not like to be driven by a need to think I had to be equal to a woman to have any identity as a person. There are lots of things we don’t choose. Our parents, our sex, indeed to be born. And neither the govt or NOW or a church chooses these for us. Pax vobiscum. Peace be with you (all).

  13. If anyone is interested this link is about beautiful and unusual birds, the Birds of Paradse in NG. The scientists/students involved are apparently steeped in evolution. Possibly like scientists everywhere? Evolution is of course an alternative to creation which is why I am posting this link. FAQ is: Are we a product of time, or were we created? The only certainty of this argument, IMO, is no one knows and many people don’t care. But this is what freedom, and free will?, has wrought, different opinions. I do wish they would stop teaching kids theories, such as the theory of evolution, as fact. Evolution is essentially a dogma of the science religion, evolution?

  14. Terry, first let me appologize to you for this; your ignorance of the earth and the Bible is overwhelming. A trip to the library might be helpful, you might even find out that birds evolved from dinosaurs.

  15. I’m ignorant because I don’t agree with you, or with the scientists who wrote the books you have in mind?? There were no scientists to observe things long, long ago. If so they must have been killed off along with the dinosaurs? But God was around through all the thick or thin times of the past. He is eternal, unlike brds or dinosaurs, etc.. It seems to me that time is the god of scientists/evolutionists.

  16. Fascinating, isn’t it. There is a place where the thinking mind refuses to entertain anything apart from that which it has decided to be true. It looks for other members of its choir for agreement and when it finds disagreement doesn’t wish to take a second look but disdains it essentially saying; “I know I’m right!” It reminds me of a placard a friend of mine use to have on her desk. It said: “My mind’s made up. Don’t confuse me with the facts.” or the bumper sticker that says: “The Bible says it. I believe it. That’s good enough for me.” I have come to realize that with that kind of thinking there can be no conversation unless you’re in the choir of agreement. When they stop at my door I wave them on. I certainly know that I don’t have a handle on THE TRUTH, but I do know that I am willing to read and give consideration to most discussions until I run into this kind of thinking. I guess that’s a place where my mind has learned, after many many arduous discussions with such ones to say….”enough”. “I’ve heard your message enough to know what it is and I’m pretty much done with it.” On the other hand I enjoyed an answer that a theology teacher gave the class when I attended Pepperdine University. As you may know, Pepperdine was started by the Church of Christ. That was not my religion at the time but the class was required if you intended to graduate. The teacher appeared on television every Saturday morning to answer Bible questions and was devoted to his ministry. Several in the class brought up Buddhism and Daoism and other religions they favored. He said: “You know, I have no doubt I would enjoy learning about those religions but this is the one I decided to stay with.” I thought it an honest answer.

    • Frank, your thinking is pretty much on target. That teacher from Pepperdine would die before completing a “religion study” though, as there are 38,000 religions in the world today, 33,000 of them are Christian religions. Think about it, that means that 33,000 individuals or groups of individuals had a better idea creating a new religion that God had nothing to do with. God never santioned any religion. He gave us laws to guide us through out our lives, but we disregard those laws. We would rather abuse our children, rape our women and murder for the price of drugs, and I promise you God will not tolerate this kind of “living by atroscity.” The only way to stop school shootings, rape of our children by priests, and murder at randum, is to realize that it is God that gave us all that we have, and it will be God to take it all away. We must learn that it is God that answers prayers, it is God that forgives us for our errors, and it is God who loves His children, and wants them back. No one else can do these things and you will not find God in the churches of 33,000 different religions.

      • I tend not to think of God as an anthropomorphic God or One who is sitting somewhere in the heavens keeping a book of Laws or a book of Judgment. I like to think that maybe what I think of as someone having a “disregard” for God’s laws is really someone who forgot who they are. The Consciousness of a God within is in them, too but they forget it and make dysfunctional choices. They can, of course, choose again and make different life choices because of the readiness of that inner Consciousness to love and listen. If it is so, can we change the world, not by thinking of the time when God will wipe it all away but instead about how our Consciousness of goodness can travel across the universe like throwing a flat pebble across a lake and watching the ripple action. Kind of like that song: “If everyone lit just one little candle….” or another song: “Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me.” I guess I want to believe that we have a role to play in expressing God to the world at large and hoping we can light the “candle” of a reminder to another to recognize their role and what the inner gift is that they have to give. At some level I think all religions are based on this premise. They short change themselves by wanting to believe that God is a person and breaking themselves up into a thousand sects because each believes they have clarified a written code of what God requires of them. I want to believe that God is much simpler than that. Perhaps this song better expresses what I’m trying to say:

    • Joe, if your writing to me my answer is: “NOPE !!” You’re the book and whatever is written on your heart is what you’ll act on. I do believe, so far, that there is an energy, a force much like electricity that is a power greater than we are that we can use. How you use it is up to you. If you stick your finger in a socket or on a live wire the electric current can kill you. If you use electricity wisely it can do many good things for you. You’re always at choice. So wacha gonna do, Joe?

  17. 38000 religions! What I would love to see is a commonality that would bring us all together as we really are.
    I think it’s working toward that now!

  18. Yes, as I said somewhere else on this blog: You wonder how your life is going turn out? This is it! And for those who believe in reincarnation: This is the life you’ve been dying to live.

    • As I said before, God never sanctioned any religion. The commandments were written on stone tablets which Moses threw to the ground and broke. They were given a second time and written down by Aaron the brother of Moses, and last but not least, there is no such thing as reincarnation. when you leave this world, you’re gone for good. Glad you got that one.

  19. Hi Corrina. Came across your blog via NPR. Loving the honesty and frankness of your exploration. As a millenial pastor also living and playing in the PNW, I appreciate having honest conversation about spirituality and life, usually over a beer. I’m going to put up a link to your blog at mine; hopefully your writing will help to mellow some us “religious” out a bit and help more of us be content in the search and embrace the unknown rather than insisting on black and white for everything. Namastè, Shalòm, all the best!

    • Hi Jason, Thank you so much for your encouragement. I think there’s room for some playfulness in any spiritual journey, and sometimes it’s just more fun that way. Thanks for the link. I appreciate it.

  20. It seems to me that the God of Christianity and Israel, Jews, did not write any laws in any book or books? The OT and NT were written by men mostly and maybe totally who may actually be different than the prophets and Jesus who actually had the ideas. Jesus did sketch in the sand. If I remember correctly the only thing written by God were the Big 10. The 10 Commandments. And they are not laws, they are orders and at some point in the future when we die we will be judged, by God, as to how well we carried out His orders, His commandments of human behavior? Just like we might be judged by an employer or even a spouse as to how well we obeyed their commands or say policies? And the military is the place for real commands. These latter bosses or supervisors issue temporal or worldly commands.

    It might be interesting to speculate why God did not make any laws? Well, I ask. Why don’t parents make laws to control their kids? IMO laws have to be enforced and who is going to enforce God’s laws, if there were such a thing. By giving us commandments He is treating us like adults but will determine who gets passing grades for proper human behavior. And who doesn’t. A similar comment about human rights can be made. Just from whom do we receive human rights? Jimmy Carter? I can think of no human right I am supposed to have? But human rights is a neat buzz word and sounds good so pols use it when preaching to us. So unlike the Bill of Rights, civil, pols don’t list our so called human rights nor do they say who gave them to all of humanity. Our only civil rights are listed in the Constitution which is their source and they were given by the govt, not God, and the people who legislated them into existence. The right to privacy is actually a fictitious concept fabricated as a political ploy to gain votes. What is privacy? The very act of a woman getting pregnant is intimacy and not a private act. Except for Jesus. Are our SC guys and dolls saying women get pregnant in the privacy of their own room and bed? If not, then what are they saying? No doubt about it. Our SC has stepped in multiple cow patties in recent years and they are starting to stink! Although what we smell may actually be the decaying and rotting corpse of Constitutional law, the rule of law, not the rule of a man, that our illustrious elected officials have thrown out of PC DC, one of WJC’s legacies, onto the trash heap of history without proper burial! Is political/financial incest going to bring America down and into chaos?

  21. Aunt Colleen, in Austin, Texas. I am very interested in your subject and your book.
    I met you long ago with Becky and your dad.

  22. Hello Corinna, Thank you for this blog. It is a double edged sword for me. I am endeavoring to spend less time on blogs and e-mail and more time completing projects that are often inspired by people like yourself. 🙂 I plan to return and be alert for more of your writing and speaking. Blessings!

  23. Enjoyed your reading in Mill Valley tonight, looking forward to reading your book. Check out “” episode entitled “Why religious beliefs aren’t just silly”. Dan Bell, Free Thinker

    • Hi Dan! Thanks for stopping by the blog. Your questions last night were excellent and really got me thinking about the “every man” approach I took to exploring religion and also about the future of “worship,” which might be changing. Also, thank you for introducing me to that cool website. I signed up for their newsletter. Stay in touch!

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