8 thoughts on “Video link to talk/reading/Q&A

  1. That was interesting! I’m glad you are enjoying the author’s life, Corinna – just how many appearances/book talks have you done thus far? How many more do you think you’ll participate in?

    • Carmen! So good to hear from you! I’ve had about 15 talk/readings so far and about 5 more scheduled. It’s been an interesting phase of the process, very different from the lonely days of writing. It’s fun but it makes me so nervous.

  2. Loved it! Was great to see you in person. You could be starting a “movement” you know. Ha! Apart from seeing Ernest Holmes as their founder I think what you have discovered for yourself is a close second to Centers for Spiritual Living drawing from all religions words and rituals and making application to that which resonates. I also think you’d enjoy a visit to the Parliament of World Religions’ annual gathering. I hope you get to talk to many others.

    • Good tip, Frank. I’ll look into that. It’s still difficult for me when I encounter people in the audience who think they’re religion/belief is the “right one.” It’s hard because I can see that they come from a loving and concerned place, but they claim ownership of the truth, which is difficult for me to reconcile.

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