Friday Livestream

Dear Readers,

On Friday June 10th the talk and reading I will give at Books & Books in Miami will be available to live-stream starting at 8 pm Eastern time (5 pm on the West Coast). Go to and click the live-stream link under my picture from the main page (it is free). If you watch live, a phone number on the screen will be shown, allowing you to call in to ask a question for answer in real time. The video will also be archived for future viewing. I hope I don’t do anything too embarrassing!


6 thoughts on “Friday Livestream

  1. Hi Corinna:
    I’ll be at a concert tomorrow night, so I’m glad it will be videoed. Let us know how to get to it so I can watch it.
    Have fun….a little embarrassment is good for the soul….but not TOO much…. 🙂

  2. You will do fine. Just be your warm, winsome, respectful self and you will be great. You have discovered the power of listening and that makes all the difference. You also are curious and love to discover, rather than being bound and driven by feelings. You also understand that while truth can be found, each person has the right to determine what they live by. I wanted to answer your previous post but have had a horrendously busy week. Bless you!


  3. Corinna (& All),

    Not sure about the livestream but making a comment here in case it might stimulate something meaningful. I vaguely recall some discussion along the lines of reconnecting with early life religious/spiritual experiences. There was the term “native language” regarding early religious/spiritual socialization. That analogy seems to ring true to me and apply well, e.g. there’s benefits to learning to be multilingual but the native language remains native for that individual and more recently learned languages spoken with some native accent. To take it even further, with literal multiligualism ( e.g. English/Spanish) the cognitive sciences we have found that children who grow up in multilingual families have longer response times to cognitive questions which should not be taken as cognitive impairment!

    I’ve reacted to appeals for “Catholics to come home” and the term “Cradle Lutherans” with mixed feelings, including a positive image of “home” (your native language spoken here!), but fear of regression (one childhood was enough!). An appealing concept is thinking about rejoining on a more advanced level (e.g. at the concrete operational level of development Santa clause is a real, physical person, but moving to a formal operations/abstract level of conceptualization it’s the spirit of giving…).

    Then what about people who through no fault of their own were socialized in a language (aka religious/spiritual system) that is not generally recognized and is unfairly lumped in with others who are very different. Maybe it’s a little like some Native American tribes that are not recognized by BIA, etc. Sure there’s Blackfeet, Cherokee, easily recognized etc. etc. but many other Native groups who do not identify with, are not accepted by those tribes, and barely have a name or enough people to warrant recognition.

    Ok, obviously this could go, tangential as it is but hopefully gaining some clarification in the telling or stimulating meaningful thougths and feelings


  4. Hi Brian, This is a really interesting topic you bring up here. To me, it speaks to what we inherent from previous generations that is powerfully a part of us but that we may not even be aware of in a conscious sort of way. At the same time, I think it also suggests that we can add to our inheritance by expanding of ourselves and one another. It’s fascinating!

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