Please “like” me on FB

Dear friends,

I’ve just set up my author facebook page. If you would do me a favor and “like” it, I would be grateful. It can be found here:

I will be posting new information both here and there. I’m at the very beginning of figuring out the best way to do this social media stuff, so if you have any ideas or expertise, please let me know.

With gratitude,


6 thoughts on “Please “like” me on FB

  1. Hi Corinna: The only advice I would have here is to explore and try stuff. Being an ‘old guy’ has had its disadvantages–like, sometimes feeling that I’ll never figure it out. Usually, the first time I try stuff on the internet, I get all goofed up and successes appear to happen by accident….but then I go back and it’s ‘more comfortable the second time around’ (borrowing from Sinatra)….Enjoy!

  2. Corinna, Thanks for including me in the “keeping in touch with me”. I have searched my heart, and I don’t think I can support your activities, because of the way you commented on my religion. Apparently, you got nothing out of attending the Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses. You said we had plastic plants, we sang like alley cats, and you expected to see half-resurrected people at the Hall. It seems that you got zero out of the activities that day. I imagine that you never returned, but you spent a great deal of time with Judaism and Islam.  I could say more, but it doesn’t matter. We have all received Jehovah’s blessing—–free will. ADIOS, Cheri

    • Hi Cheri, Thank you for sharing your point of view, and I can appreciate your concerns. However, I’m a little confused. You consider your religion “Christianity”, right? Because, if so, I spent about 2 years and a big chunk of the book exploring your religion. Or do you consider “Jehovah’s Witness” to be a separate religion from Christianity? As for my humor (a la plastic plants and alley cats), I’m sorry if it offended you. My goal throughout this project was always to keep my genuine sense of humor and not to take certain things too seriously, but I never wanted to hurt or offend. I’m sorry if I missed the mark for you. With all respect, Corinna

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