It’s a book!

Dear friends,

The wait is almost over! The book based on this blog is in the final stages of production at Columbia University Press, and will be officially released April 5, 2016. I couldn’t be more thrilled and terrified!

The press has entitled it “A None’s Story.” Here’s the link to its page on the press’ website:

You can even pre-order for 40 percent off the cover price for the next few days.

Lots more to come.

Thank you so much for being a part of this journey with me. Please tell me what you think.

Much love, Corinna



34 thoughts on “It’s a book!

  1. Hi Corrina

    Very happy to hear the good news. I think your book will have an audience that your journey will deeply resonate with. Sorry for my clumsy expression.

    Good luck with your book!

    Have a happy new year.

  2. CONGRDULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CORINNA……………….how exciting this is for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    BLESSINGS…………… you from Colleen Mehner, I am Becky’s Aunt Colleen, in Austin, Texas

  3. Great news, Corrina! Congratulations. I know it was a true labor of love. Can I get you to autograph my copy at the opening party?!?

  4. Corinna, Have looked forward to this post. Congratulations on all your hard work and on the perseverance to carry this through….And really, thanks for being so tolerant and caring with all of us were there with you! You changed our lives, too. Much gratitude for that. Merrill

    • Merrill, I learned so much from you guys, even when it got a little rough (or maybe especially then). The comments section of this blog is as important (more?) than the actual posts in my opinion. That’s one of the reasons I think it must be left up and visible even as the book comes out! Much love.

  5. Does it feel as though you have had a long, long labor and will soon give birth? I can only imagine! God bless and keep you in your life.

    Yours in Christ,

  6. Thoroughly enjoyed your blog; congratulations on the book! But what’s with Colombia’s title?! C’mon already, “One None Gets Some” is brilliant — covers both the essence of your journey as well a captures your art with word. They blew it…..

    • Ahhh, Bamboobabies…you have hit upon a sensitive topic (one I have worked through and come to terms with and therefore it’s less sensitive today than it was). At first I was disappointed even as I understood their concern that “One None Gets Some” might seem not serious enough or too raunchy with its “get some” connotations. They also wanted it to have an identity outside of the blog. Either way, the new title has grown on me. It’s a play on an old book “A Nun’s Story,” which I think a younger audience might not get, but it works even if without that. This is one of those instances where I surrendered to forces greater than myself, which interestingly is a trick this entire journey has had me practicing in spades. Regardless, I appreciate your opinion and thank you.

      • Corinna,

        I’ve read your blog from time to time and am familiar with your other work as well. I first want to congratulate you on this great accomplishment. What a thrill it must be after the years of research and writing, to be seeing this come to fruition You are a very brave woman to experience all of this, and then to share so much of yourself and this journey with the world.

        I am curious if this has improved your life and in what ways? Is your mental and physical outlook better? Is your marriage better? Are your other relationships with family and friends better? Are you generally happier due to the knowledge you’ve acquired and the experiences you’ve had the past several years? How will this book and all it encompasses guide you as you live your life in the years ahead?

        I am hoping that your book, and the answers to the questions above, will give hope to the hopeless in many ways; in the many ways one can connect with him/herself, with others, and with the greater powers that guide the human spirit and the universe. Thank you for your time, and all the best wishes to you as you journey on.

        • Hi Desperado, Thank you for reading my blog and other works. Thank you for the kind and encouraging words. To answer your question in a nut shell, this journey changed me profoundly in many small ways and some big ones. It’s helped me have a better language for thinking about and discussing the world and life experience beyond the material. It’s given me a greater emotional connection to people who have struggled with these issues today and then also way, way in the past. It’s given me a much greater sense of this big, epic humanity that I’m a part of. But it’s also given me some really simple tools to find peace and gratitude in the daily grind. When I feel overwhelmed, I may come to my knees and press my forehead to the ground, which is one of the prayer poses in Islam. It’s amazing how taking this position helps me come to terms with my vulnerability and how getting okay with being vulnerable makes me more grateful and at ease in life. Also, sometimes I’ll just remember to say “thank you” if I see a really pretty thing in the course of my normal day, which is Jewish custom. Like I’ll just see the sky in some neat light and I’ll say “wow, thank you.” Gosh, there are a thousand ways this journey has benefited me and I hope in reading my story others can benefit too. There’s a lot more detail in the book, and this is just a small sampling off the top of my head. Thank you so much, Desperado, for your great question and for being here.

  7. How awesome is that? Good for you! I’m ordering a copy today, you can be sure.

    *she waves to her friends who’ve already commented*

  8. For an author there is nothing like seeing the first finished bound copy of your book. It is such a thrill to pick it up and page through it – feeling it’s weight in your hands is what really makes it a reality. Congratulations on the culmination of a wonderful and illuminating journey. Can’t wait til my copy arrives!

  9. I am so excited to get my hands
    on your book. It’s such a great
    tool to explore my inner self with
    in this giant world . I thank you
    for your hard work and sharing
    your journey. Congratulations.

    • Hi Bec, Thank you! I hope in sharing what I learned others will benefit. Initially, I just wanted to equip myself with a greater sense of peace and belonging but I sensed the importance of sharing. I think people are hungry for this knowledge and these tools and how they might help, even in a mostly secular life.

  10. Corinna, this is such thrilling news! We hope you hit the gold mine of success (heh) with this mining tale. I learned so much being a part of this blog, and I’m grateful to you and to my fellow commenters for opening my mind and heart. THis book is really needed in the country right now, I think. Less Us & Them, more We!

  11. Congratulations, Corinna. How exciting for you, and glad to hear the news of your journey. Much success to you, and certainly enjoyed the posts while you were working on this project.
    Peace in IT all,

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